Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Boosting my "employability skills".............hmmmm

You have done all you can possible do to boost your " employability skills". Wait a minute....What is this "employability skills"?

" Employability skills are the skills almost everyone needs to do almost any job. They are the skills that must be present to enable an individual to use the more specific knowledge and technical skills that their particular workplaces require... The UK commission believes that a central part of what all publicly-funded training should do is to develop the ability to use knowledge and skills in the workplace effectively ".

Apparently all of the above. So lets go through them one by one to see whether I am employable. You can also try and examine yourself to see if you are employable. If you are unable to give examples or evidence of each.....see you at the job centre later....you have just become a statistic. So here we go:

Number - I would like to think I can count from 1-100 after 3 years in university and many more years at other educational institution. If not, hopefully I can work out how much my wage is per month. For my readers, just think about how much you will be paying Student Loan after 3 years (£12000 - £32000).

Language - Is this speaking English, French or going through university with all sorts of modern day slang "thats sick, lol"? Are is it speaking the academic language ( which is completely different from the any language that is spoken in the workplace.

IT - I guess I do have that skills, am I not blogging? lol

Self-management - ????????????????????????? oh yesss, I get dress in the morning, I know how to manage the meagre money I have.

Working together - Really? after 3 years, I have learned that working with the wrong people has caused me valuable grades. In fact  team work has accounted for probably 80% of students getting low grades (don't quote me, no official research was done).......... I am sure everyone agrees with me. And this pattern will probably continue in the workplace. Can you imagine having to work with people who are lazy, dull, etc............ yes...........incomplete work project or possible sack. Is this an employable skill or an unemployable skill? looool

Think and problem solving - Well, I would like to think that one does not need to go to university to develop this. From the beginning of time men are suppose to have this in order to survive........... is this not so? Do we really need to develop this at university to be "employable".

So what really do they mean by boosting "employability skills". You know what I think, too many theories and not enough practicality of the real world. We are place in a simulator call "university" but guess what, it is not real. We need to get back to a time when people are given a chance to learn in a real and practical environment; then we may be able to boost "employability skills".

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