Monday, 17 June 2013

So you have finished your last paper at Uni......what next?

If there is one thing that I know about life is that it is fill with uncertainty. You began your three year university degree with good intentions........."I am going to be the next big banker or financial the next 3 years I will be working in one of the largest global future is secure, I will be a graduate and join the elite club of academic achievers....and I could go on......" You struggle and realise that university is hard work. "How can I possible be given 5o% by my lecturer for this course work? I have worked very hard on this assignment".

This is when the bubble burst, so university will not be easy. You suddenly see yourself as the teller at the bank working at your local branch at longer a financial guru. No one had actually prepare you for the harsh reality of university life. Suddenly you realise that you need more money to cover your expense......time to look for a job in Peacock....this is not what you had in mind. What about all the fun and parties that you will be attending........where are all the cute boys and girls, perhaps my future husband/wife that I will be meeting? Hmmmm.........reality has finally set in and it paves the way for uncertainty.

Finally reached the last year......pheeew........just about made it.........just on the edge of that 2:1.  Can not see that bright future of working in that large global company anymore......well not with that 2:1 that you have just about achieved.  The future is becoming more dimmer and so uncertainty as set in. There is all this talk and screaming about Graduates job....but I have never heard of anyone who has actually got one. Was this whole idea of going to university for three years a waste of time? Was I under an illusion about joining the elite club of academic achievers? The only certainty that I have is this feeling of uncertainty.